FOCUS West is a schools programme that aims to widen access to Higher Education.

Based in the west of Scotland and working with targeted pupils in secondary schools, our work is funded by the Scottish Funding Council as part of the National Schools Programme. We work with teachers to guide pupils in learning about Higher National and Degree courses, the benefits of further study and about the wealth of graduate career opportunities that are available.

What is Higher Education?

What are the criteria for inclusion in the programme?

What does the FOCUS West Programme involve?



FOCUS West has been pivotal for me in terms of looking at higher education; had I not been involved in the program I doubt I would have considered universities outside of Scotland, never mind the best universities in the world.

Emma Cairns
John Paul Academy, Glasgow – graduated 2022 from Duke University, North Carolina, USA

FOCUS West has played a crucial part of my life, in more ways than one. Had it not been for my enrolment in the programme during school, I highly doubt I would have grown into the confident young woman I am today, let alone have graduated from university.

Elleis Peters
Doon Academy


Drawing on expertise from a multi-institution partnership to deliver targeted activity in secondary schools in the west of Scotland; widening access to higher education through access to experience and information; raising aspiration through confidence building and supporting an embedded knowledge culture of successful application to college and university



FOCUS West works in schools in the west of Scotland. We work with targeted pupils who have the potential to access higher education and enable this with major annual grant funding from the Scottish Funding Council.


FOCUS West works with a broad range of partners in many different sectors in the UK and abroad.


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We work closely with FOCUS West schools across the west of Scotland


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