We are based in the west of Scotland, working with pupils in 60 secondary schools.

Our work is funded by the Scottish Funding Council as part of a national programme known as the Schools for Higher Education Programme. FOCUS West works with educational partners, particularly teachers, to support pupils with the potential to succeed to have more choices and opportunities in their higher studies and careers.

Higher Education (HE) is defined as tertiary education that leads to a university degree or an HNC/HND award from college. We aim to support the wide-ranging ambitions of our pupil group to access HE by providing information, academic skill support and support with applications as they move through secondary school. We are based in the west of Scotland, currently working with pupils in 60 secondary schools.

The criterion for inclusion in the programme can be found here.

Our programme includes awareness raising, individual Information Advice and Guidance on routes and pathways into Higher Education, Campus Visits, Study Skills support, college and university preparation and specialist support for pupils with an interest in art and design or Creative subject areas. For more information on our programmes, click here.

All pupils in our programme have access to our award nominated FOCUS Point website and resource, that gives pupils support with careers and progression from P6 to S6 and beyond.


“I think that the main thing I learned is how many transferable skills I can take from other experiences and use them within my chosen art form. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of applying to study the arts”

WACI Participant

FOCUS West has been pivotal for me in terms of looking at higher education; had I not been involved in the program I doubt I would have considered universities outside of Scotland, never mind the best universities in the world.

Emma Cairns
John Paul Academy, Glasgow – graduating 2022 from Duke University, North Carolina, USA


Drawing on expertise from a 6 institution partnership to deliver targeted activity in 60 secondary schools in the west of Scotland; widening access to higher education through access to experience and information; raising aspiration through confidence building and supporting an embedded knowledge culture of successful application to college and university




FOCUS West currently works in 60 schools in the west of Scotland. We work closely with the 9 different local councils in which our schools are located – most notably Glasgow City Council, with 25 of our schools.

Our map will give you more information about the schools we work with.


FOCUS West works with a broad range of partners in many different sectors in the UK and abroad.


Our Schools

We work closely with FOCUS West schools across the west of Scotland who have a lower rate of pupils accessing higher education.


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